Thinking about whether you should tender for your Web Design Tender Project?


The whole purpose of the tendering process is to decide upon the best Web Design agency for your business.

But do Tenders achieve their desired results?

Or do they only really help you find web design agencies that are good at tendering?

For a start, the tendering process can limit a client’s ability to communicate their needs. Tenders can restrict a Web Design agency’s ability to ask the depth of questions needed to be understood, in order to provide the best solution for their business needs, wants and desires.

Tenders may even be leading clients to choose the wrong Web Design agency for their needs, they can be a drain on resources for all parties. Writing proposals is very time consuming for both parties and has huge limitations. In addition, you may end up with the best choice of Web Design Agency simply not bothering, as it’s so time consuming to do, and they may not win it, meaning a little to no return on investment.

Web Design Tender

The tendering process can lead Web Design  agencies to lower the costs of the project, to encourage clients to buy on price rather than to buy the ability to deliver results. 

This can lead to the relationship being compromised at a later stage, through the need to charge additonal fees. We all know the limited success rate of major Governmental digital projects and their hugely increased final costs, not just in monetary terms but in terms of success of the solution and compromised service to users.

Tenders remove any opportunity to build trust and evaluate your marketing agency in incremental stages, everything is decided all at once and at arms length. For clients that tender their projects for things like Web Design, this can lead to a decision to commit to an anonymous web design agency they don’t know much about, but who are good at responding to tenders.

Web Design Tender (

Communication, technical expertise, the ability to deliver quality service and achieve results are key requirements for the success of all digital marketing projects.

The quality of communication between provider and client is paramount in all situations, but even more important when considering the diverse array of digital marketing strategies available to us all.

Tenders will describe their business and its requirements, identify their target audience, additional functionality required, such as podcasts, blogs, videos, adverts and more. But as we all know, communication is everything. The limitations of a one way conversation are far too restrictive!

Even with the ability to ask limited questions the communication is still compromised. Frequently tenders may include one sentence specifications which would not provide enough detail about what is required and will not enable a digital marketing agency to quote.

Web Design Tender (1)

So how do we bring on new Web Design clients?

For us it all starts way before they’ve even thought about getting a new website.
We produce lots of content that demonstrates our experience and web design abilities.

Then, when a client is looking and makes contact with us, we work in partnership with clients and develop the long term game plan with you, creating strategies and delivering the implementation of those strategies, creating awareness and engagement, achieving goals and delivering results.

Our web design clients benefit from a dedicated and long-term strategic relationship with us. This relationship provides a full understanding of all the business needs of our clients and allows us to ask questions organically within our ‘open’ communication and unrestricted by the Tender process.

We simultaneously work towards our clients goals and achieve fantastic results. By discussing and developing strategies jointly with our clients around functionality of the system, methodology and cost, it allows us to provide a more accurate solution specific to our client’s needs and long term goals.

If you would like to schedule a Strategy Session, then just click the link and book a call.

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